We’re pleased to inform you that we’ve implemented new discount system. Let us present you its details briefly.


What is the new system like?




We’ve given up complicated criteria which determined discounts, based on the approximate amount of coffee bought per month. The only criterion in the new system is the value of order (no longer the number of kilos).

We’ve also given up the differentiation between espresso and single origin coffees. In the new system the discount applies to the whole order. At the same time, we’ve reduced the initial price of single origin coffees, so that the final price with discount would be good for you.    




The new system involves three discount thresholds. There is the fourth one as well, intended for individual arrangements which we start when the value of regular orders exceeds the last threshold.

The discount in the new system is determined only by the value of specific order, that’s why, even people who begin to cooperate with us have the chance to get an attractive discount.


Gives possibility to plan


The new system provides you with new opportunities to plan your orders, regardless of the time we cooperate with a particular café or its coffee needs per month. Everyone can buy higher amount of coffee and, consequently, get a greater discount, with no lengthy negotiation on the price or declarations about future purchases. The orders don’t need to be regular; you won’t lose the discount if you don’t order in the following month. For those who plan such a bulk order, we offer to deliver coffee in stages, so that you would get only fresh beans to your café. 


Have a look at the scheme of discounts determined by the value of order:


500 zł – 1000 zł –> 12% (it’s approximately 7-14 kg of espresso)

1001 zł – 2000 zł –> 15% (it’s approximately 15-26 kg of espresso)

more than 2001 zł –> 18% (it’s approximately 27  kg of espresso)