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The owner of the online shop is Coffee Proficiency Gourmet s.c., hereinafter referred to as the vendor.

I. Placing an order

  1. Orders can be placed only through our website, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The only condition of ordering is correct filling in the order form, choosing a delivery method, entering your payment information and sending these order details.
  2. The contract is made when the vendor confirms the order. The buyer receives an e-mail with specified order details, delivery methods and payment information.
  3. The shop reserves the right to withdraw some products from the sale or to change the prices without prior information for the customers.
  4. The vendor reserves the right to reject the order if the order form is filled in incorrectly or the transaction is not authorised through the payment system Płatnoś (when paying with the card) or the buyer does not transfer the appropriate amount of money on the vendor’s account until the deadline (when paying with the bank transfer) or the parcel is not received from the post/the courier.
  5. The prices specified by the vendor are in PLN and they comprise VAT tax. The vendor reserves the right to change the prices with no prior information for the customers, it does not concern the orders in process. If the price specified in the confirmation form is different from the price on the website, the customer has the right to withdraw the order.
  6. Every time the customer agrees on the issuing of VAT invoice without their signature.
  7. If the product is unavailable in our store or at the suppliers, the customer is informed about it and can decide to complete their order partially, agree on
    longer delivery time or withdraw the order.
  8. The buyer has the right to withdraw the order at any stage of placing an order.

II. Order lead/ delivery costs

  1. We send the order on the delivery address specified in the order form just after completing the goods, that is within the deadline stated for a particular product.
  2. Date of receiving the order = order lead time + delivery time
  3. Availability of the product means the time of delivery and may have the following markings:
    – available offhand – the product is in our store.
    – available within 48 hours – the product is in our supplier’s store.
    – available within 7 working days – the product is not easily available and has to be imported.
    – available on order – the product is available on order.
    – temporarily unavailable – the product is currently unavailable.

The marking of availability provides information how many working days are necessary to complete the ordered products and prepare them for delivery from the moment of placing the order.

4. The time of delivery is usually the following working day after the day of dispatch for the courier parcel and 2-5 working days for the parcel sent via Poczta Polska (Polish Post).

    5. If paying with the bank transfer, delivery time is prolonged until the transfer process is completed.

    6. If in the order there are temporarily unavailable products, we will inform our customers via e-mail or phone. In such a case, it is possible to choose between the waiting for the following supply, accepting a similar product or cash refund.

7. The buyer is informed about the dispatch in an additional e-mail.

8. Delivery cost is paid by the buyer.


III. Guarantee and returns

1. All products on the sale are new, free of physical and legal defaults and entered Polish market legally.

    2. In case of complaint, the buyer sends the product at their own expense, with a written description of its default. After positive consideration of the complaint, this expense will be paid back on the customer’s bank account.

    3. According to the article 7 of the law issued on 2nd Match 2000 (Dz. U. from 2000, number 22, item 271) (Dz. U. abbreviation for the Polish Law Journal – Dziennik Ustaw), the customer has the right to return the purchased product in an unchanged state with no statement of reason within 10 days since the delivery. The cost of the return of the product is at the buyer’s expense.

4. Mechanical defaults resulted from improper usage cannot be returned.

    IV. Protection of personal data, security of shopping

1. According to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data of 29th August 1997, we inform you that your personal data is stored in the company’s data base.

    2. Placing an order through online shop requires your agreement on the processing of your personal data according to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data of 29th August 1997 (Polish Law Journal. Number 133. Item 883).

3. Processing of the personal data will take place in order to deliver the order and for marketing aims.

4. Customer’s personal data are not passed to third parties.

5. The customer has the right to investigate their data, to correct it or to demand the cessation of its processing.

    V. Final provisions

1.The customer agrees on the processing of their personal data to complete the order.

    2. The shop reserves the right to modify the regulations.

3. A court of competent jurisdiction to investigate the conflicts concerning the contract is the court of competent jurisdiction for the defendant or the court of competent jurisdiction for the place of the contract’s implementation.

    4. The customer who places an order accepts the conditions specified in the regulations.