Our rules

Coffee Proficiency does not only mean unique coffee, it is also an original way of defining the company’s structure, relationships among employees and relationships with customers. Our model of working is based on the idea of “self-management” in which rules and well-defined mission are of crucial importance.

1.Our mission is to produce the best coffee in the world and to serve it in such a way that it would bring people joy. Coffee is our tool for making the surrounding world better, we would like people to appreciate things available to them such as good products, nice atmosphere, honest relationship. We would like to make them trust people who sell things to them and to make them treat it as something natural and to require it from others.

2. At Coffee Proficiency everybody defines their strengths, talents and tasks they perform best on their own and looks for opportunities to make use of them in order to contribute to the company's mission.

3. You determine your tasks and steps of development on your own. Our team meets regularly and we discuss the ways of making use of our talents so that they would be a value for the company. Relaying on such guidance you specify your following tasks to complete during the year, you define the excellence you aim at while performing your task and you present the subsequent steps you are going to take in order to achieve it during the following year.

4. Once in a quarter we meet and as a team we discuss the progress of each of us.

5. There are no typical supervisors and managers. The author of the idea it the supervisor on condition that they convince other team members to their idea and take the responsibility for the project.

6. Being the supervisor of the project you collect the necessary equipment, people, tools etc.

7. Such a way of working is based on freedom, however, it requires people to respect one another. The greater variety of views, the more difficult it is. In our team we do not impose any specific guidelines for work, often also place and time. We do not advocate for any best strategies for the given task, as universal strategies do not exist, everybody should work out their own strategies, those which would correspond to their temperament and advantages. We value the final accomplishment of the task, not the procedure itself.

8. We support each other by providing the feedback but also by asking for help and advice, we help one another when completing our tasks.