Ethiopia is a country located in the eastern part of Africa, the majority of Ethiopia’s territory is covered with highlands, only in the western part of the country there are lowlands. Ethiopia’s climate type is sub-equatorial monsoon. Principal crops include coffee, cereals, oilseeds, leguminous plants, tea and citrus fruit. It is not an accident that Ethiopia is called the land of arabica. Coffee from Ethiopia is characteristic for its delicate flavour, noticeable sweetness, pleasant citrus acidity and flowery scents. The best know areas on which coffee is grown are Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Harrar, Djimma and Limu.

Terroir: Themost frequently sensed and expected coffee aromas from Ethiopia are mature citrus fruit, apricots, peaches, bergamot, jasmine, orange flowers, sweet forest fruit, strawberries, juicy fruity jams, black tea and earl grey. Those processed according to the natural method, that is, dried in the sun, more often have the aroma of sweet red fruit and wine scents, while those processed according to the wet method, meaning washed, are slightly acidic, which brings the association with citrus fruit.