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  • Home sensory workshop.

    2014-10-16 16:00

    If we were shown an X-ray of lungs and asked for making diagnosis, the majority of us wouldn‘t notice even visible and developed changes, which are easily noticed by doctors. Is this difference in perception a result of varying sensual sensitivity, talent or just experience? In fact, it is preparation, experience and knowledge which determines the process of perception, makes you sensitive for particular stimuli and tells you what to look for.

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  • coffee description – handbook

    2014-10-16 15:14

    pacamara, caturra, 1500 m or 1300 m, washed or honey… what does it all mean and how does it influence coffee’s flavour? Read a short text which will help you to decode information included in our coffee menu and find your favourite sensory profile

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  • The dilemma of coffee’s acidity

    2014-07-16 12:05

    Acidity is one of the most controversial sensory characteristics of coffee. When asked: “What kind of coffee would you like to drink, what kind of coffee do you like?”, the majority of café’s customers respond: “whatever but not acidic”, which makes coffee specialists utterly confused. For the majority of people, archetypal coffee’s flavour involves bitterness and power, it is pitchy, dense liquid as if taken from the descriptions in Pan Tadeusz, Polish national epos, that is only balanced by the sweetness of additions. Acidity in such coffee beverage happens to be equally sharp and intense as other scents, therefore, it is not surprising that customers want to avoid it at any price.

    Experts, however, find it difficult to image good coffee without explicit acidity, as it is difficult to imagine such an apple or a strawberry. Professional tools for sensory evaluation of coffee’s quality (both those established by Cup of Excellence and SCAA) take the acidic category into account and treat it as one of the most vital factors that build positive sensory experience.

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  • Coffee’s taste

    2014-06-24 14:09

    Aromas  are extensively discussed nowadays, there are a lot of them, they are subtle, when matched, they create unique combinations. But when we think about taste, it seems to be much easier. We have five (or six with umami) tastes, which are very clear and distinguishable. Who would not sense a pinch of salt in espresso? I encourage all those who have not tried to do so before they answer my question.

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  • Defects in coffee

    2014-06-24 13:50

    Coffee delights with its bouquet, richness of aromas, sometimes it surprises with its flowery, fruity, chocolaty or nutty aroma. But each of these aromas is exposed to the influence of external conditions, humidity, bacteria, air, temperature. Those factors influence the beans and chemical changes that take place ultimately damage coffee’s flavour and aroma. These acquired, improper and unpleasant scents are called defects. We all know them too well.

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  • Coffee bouquet

    2014-06-24 13:33

    “Bouquet” is a very popular term that we encounter when reading the descriptions of coffee. But if we asked what exactly it means, the majority of people would simply say that it is the composition of aromas. However, professionals working with coffee use this term in a more precise and detailed way. It is worth knowing it in order to understand sensory profiles of coffee and to learn how to evaluate coffees we taste more precisely.

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  • Summer’s in the air and in coffee menu.

    2014-05-26 22:28

    Parasols, patios and terraces decorated with beautiful flowers adjacent to the coffee shops are the sign of summer season. Outdoor, everything tastes different, better, healthier and more colourful as it is the landscape in summer. We throw away thick clothes, surround ourselves with a rainbow of colours and we undergo a total metamorphosis. Menu in coffee shops changes in a similar way. Light, colourful, fresh and fruity cakes, drinks and desserts wait for the guests of cafes and confectioneries. Everything for soothing our palates during the hot days when we are thirsty.

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  • Is your profit good for your coffee shop?

    2014-02-28 17:18

    Everyone who runs their own business, coffee shop’s owner as well, has to, even for their own good, establish criteria for the evaluation of their company’s welfare. They have to know whether the steps they took have improved the functioning of the coffee shop or on the contrary, have worsened it. The consequences of this choice are crucial for the quality of this functioning and can be felt directly when dealing with the company.

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  • Specialty Coffee.

    2014-02-28 08:45

    Coffee market in Poland has been increasing for years. According to Euromonitor International ranking, Poles' spending on coffee in 2012 increased by 8% (in comparison with 2011). It has been estimated that, despite the crisis, the tendency of increase will stay and the value of coffee market in Poland will equal as much as 1,3 billion euro until 2015. Such stable and increasing market allows not only for quantity development and expansion but also, from customers' point of view, for the increase in quality. Poles are buying coffee in more and more conscious and choosy way. And apart from well-developing Premium sector, which offers commercial high-quality coffee, there is another niche in marketing - the sector of specialty coffee.

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  • Coffee lab.

    2014-02-28 08:14

    Where is our favourite coffee’s flavour created? On plantation, in roasting room or maybe on the cupping table while making a blend? Coffee’s flavour is dependent on many factors related do different stages of its production, however, there is one place in which they all “meet”. This is the place in which a particular flavour is created and it is there where one can get to know coffee best. This place is lab.

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  • Alternative for espresso

    2014-02-28 07:55

    Poles love espresso. If we asked them why, they would say that it is classical, professional way of brewing coffee which results in strong, intense and rich brew. But when we look closer at other available ways of brewing, we will find out that espresso has worthy opponents.

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  • Self management reality

    2014-02-16 09:09

    We have recently recruited new employees at Coffee Proficiency. A great parade of colourful, talented and ambitious baristas passed our coffee shop. We have, however, looked for something more than good trade qualifications, we have looked for people who are independent, enterprising and active but at the same time who can join the team, take care of its other members’ success, think holistically and take the responsibility not only for their own work but also for the successful accomplishment of the whole task. We have presented our policy to each candidate directly, we have asked whether they would feel comfortable in our company in which they would have no boss or manager to supervise them, in which nobody would tell them exactly what to do that day, in which they would have to manage their time on their own and at the same time they would have to take care of the other team members’ work effectiveness. The majority of candidates declared that such organisation of work suits them. But still, the majority of them did not believe that our company actually operates like that. Those who believed in the idea thought that it could not be successful and those who believed that it could work called it a “non business-like” system of management. I dedicate this article to all those people, as well as to those who may want to join our team in future.

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  • Why is it worth trusting a Q Grader.

    2013-12-30 11:12

    If we wanted to buy a work of art, we would have a lot of options to choose from, that is from the cheapest works of unknown artists to the works of eminent painters. How can we estimate aesthetics so that we do good business? In such a situation, experts’ advice cannot be overestimated. The experts evaluate the value of the painting not only on the basis of their own taste but also on the basis of objective parameters which signalise whether the painting would provide pleasure not only for me but also for other people and not only for a short moment but always when I would like to look at it.

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  • Is the customer always right?

    2013-12-15 16:52

    Barista has finally become a recognised profession in our reality. Baristas form a cohesive group with their own professional ethos, rules and methods. Polish baristas more and more precisely define their role, they name their freedoms and prohibitions. The internet is full of the descriptions of situations similar to those in Polish jokes about old fussy lady who comes to the doctor’s, in this case, she comes to a coffee shop. These descriptions provoke discussion over barista’s proper reaction and ways of deciding who is right when barista and customer don’t see eye to eye.

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  • How can we recognise coffee’s quality?

    2013-12-06 10:38

    When we enter a coffee shop, we find dozens of coffee pockets on the shelves, the majority of which provides us with information we need to make a choice. On some of them there is also an additional code with which we can quickly visit the company’s website and enhance our knowledge about the product. But in the epoch in which information is generally accessible another item is on the decrease which is our time and attention necessary to make a decision. There is plenty of information around us and nobody is able to get it all. We try to make it easier, we eagerly follow any suggestion, mental shortcuts and heuristics. We look at labels, we check certificates, we read just the general ideas, with time we learn which of them are worth our attention. Unfortunately, the producers know our ways of making a decision very well and surround us with slogans that sound professionally but have no content as their only aim is to sell the product easily. A short list of markings which we find on coffee pockets will help us to look at them more critically in future and to defend ourselves against marketing manipulation.

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  • Following Indiana Jones to find perfect coffee…

    2011-07-24 17:39

    The director of “Indiana Jones” chose Guatemala for the place of his film’s plot and at the same time made us perceive it as mysterious, exotic and unusual area. We immediately associate American’s trip to Guatemala with great adventure. That is so because countries in South America are complete opposite to everything that is characteristic for the United States. Everything there is surprising: people’s lifestyle, social rules of functioning and attitude towards nature.

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